6 Tips to Avoid Pimples and Acne


Wash Your Face 2-3 times a Day

Wash Your Face daily, it can help to remove excess oil  and dirt from your skin.

Don't Squeeze Your Pimples

Don't squeeze a Pimple because it could leave scars and further irritation.

Keep Clean Hair

Excessive Hair oil or Dandruff reaches your face easily. Wash your hair or face if you feel excess oil.

Don't use harsh objects on your face.

Rough clothes or object could aggravate acne breakouts. Don't use them.

Use Sunscreen

Your skin can be harmed by the sun, you should use sunscreen when you go outdoors.

Choose skincare Products carefully

You don't need skincare products mainly, but in some conditions, you can use skincare products. But choose them according to your skin.

Topical Retinoids

Some Dermatologists recommend using topical retinoids because it helps to prevent pore blockage by faster skin cell production.

I hope these methods work, but if not, then you should go to a Dermatologist for consultation.