Clove is famous for its strong aroma and taste, also its contain medical properties. You can drink its Tea.

Helps in Digestion

A cup of clove tea can stimulate blood flow and improve your saliva production for better digestion.

Fight from Fever

It have Antiseptic, Antiviral and Antimicrobial properties which help to fight infection, cold and cough.

Helps in Weight Loss

It boosts your metabolic rate which helps in weight loss. Also, healthy digestion helps you to lose weight quickly.

Relieves Gum or Tooth Pain

Clove anti-inflammatory components help to reduce the swelling of gums and provide relief from toothache.

Treat Sinus Infection

Cloves ‘Eugenol‘ helps in clearing Phlegm and spreading warmth around the areas. You just need to drink a cup of warm clove tea in the morning to clear the infection.

Skin Care

It contains Antiseptic properties and volatile oils that help in clearing harmful toxins from the body which can cause skin problems.

Reduce Joint Pain

You can drink cold clove tea to get relief from chronic arthritis, muscle joint pain because cloves are known to be powerful analgesic agents.