Jaggery is sweet in nature and it is a good replacement of sugar and give many health benefits. It is available in solid or powder form.

Boosting Immunity

It contains Anti-oxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium which helps to prevent free radical damage and build resistance against various infections

Prevent Constipation

It helps to activate the digestive enzymes in the body and stimulate bowel movement that prevents constipation.

Weight Loss

Jaggery is the best source of potassium that helps to balance electrolytes. Also helps in low consumption of water, which helps in managing your weight.

Control Blood Pressure

It contains potassium and sodium nutrients which play an important role in maintaining acid levels in the body.

Fight from Cold

It induces heat in the body when you eat it, so it is perfect for the cure of cold & cough. This is the reason why people consume it in winter, not in summer.

Reduce Joint Pain

Many doctors recommend jaggery for reducing joint pains. It provides immense relief when you eat it with ginger or milk. Also, you can add it to your diet to strengthen the bones.

Detoxes the Liver

It reduces the workload of your liver and flushes out harmful toxins from your body. If you want to detoxify your liver, then eat a piece of jaggery daily.

Blood Purifier

Consumption on a regular basis in a small amount can purify the blood. It cleanses the blood which means healthier skin.

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