Best Foods to help your Hair Growth

Foods for hair growth is essential to all peoples. It helps to make a better look. Hair growth 1.25cm per month and 15 cm per year. Hair growth also depends on your health, age, and diet. Peoples want long and strong hair. Sometimes hair shows your personality in front of other people.

If you want to get healthy hair then you need to focus on your diet. Food is the main component to grow your hair. Foods give proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals which are especially important for long, strong, and healthy hair. Some People are use chemicals to grow their hair. You should use natural food to grow your hair.

Foods For Hair Growth 
Foods For Hair Growth

Foods for Hair Growth


Eggs provide protein and essential nutrients which help to grow your Healthy hair. It also a good source of Biotin. Loss hair and thin hair are a symptom of Biotin deficiency. Meat, Fish, Nuts, and seeds contain Biotin. It is essential for the growth of hair. Hair is made from protein, therefore protein is important for our body.

Sweet Potatoes

It is a delicious diet and contains Vitamin A. It helps to reduce hair fall and improve the rate of hair growth. 114 grams of sweet Potato contains large amount of beta-carotene.


Berries are a good source of Vitamins, which can help to protect hair follicles against damage from harmful molecules. 144 Grams of strawberries provide enough protein on a daily basis. 


It is a healthy green vegetable and fully loaded with folate, vitamin A, Vitamin C, and iron which help to grow your hair. It is also a good source of iron. Iron nutrients help red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. 30 grams of spinach contains 54% of Vitamin A.

Peanut Butter

It is a source of Biotin, fiber, and protein which helps to increase your body strength and also helps to grow healthy fats. It is the best and most effective method.


Avocado is natural food. It is delicious and a great source of healthy fats. It helps to grow your hair and also a good source of Vitamin C and E. 200 grams of Avocado provides 21% of Vitamin E.


Seeds of sunflower, flax, and chia are provide omega fatty acids, vitamins, zinc, and selenium that are good for hair growth and scalp too. 28 Grams of sunflower seeds are fulfilled around 50% of your daily needs of Vitamin E.


It is the source of nutrients like Vitamin B, Vitamin E, zinc, and fatty acids. All nutrients help to grow your hair and also increase your brainpower.

Sweet Peper

This is good sources of vitamins A and C which help to increase hair growth and also improve the thickness of hair. It also used to make Beauty products.

Whole Grains

Whole grains provide Biotin, iron, zinc, Vitamin B. Biotin plays an important role in produce proteins. All are essential to growing your hair.

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