Ajwain Benefits, Ajwain water, and Ajwain Side Effects

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Ajwain is a natural ingredient and its use in Home remedies and Kitchen. It is also known as Carom seeds in foreign countries. It’s brown in color, and oval in shape. It has a bitter-Pungent taste which is special and unique.

Ajwain is mostly used in India. Every Indian kitchen has ajwain to make delicious and healthy food. It is known as ‘Ugragansha‘ in Sanskrit. 

100 Grams of Ajwain contain-

  • 305 Calories
  • 10 mg Sodium
  • 25-gram Fat
  • 43-gram Carbohydrate
  • 16-gram Protein

Ajwain Water

 Ajwain Water is the best technique for weight loss and it also gives relief from Stomach Disease. It helps to clean the digestive tract and boost metabolism. If you want to lose your weight then you should drink Ajwain water in the early morning with an Empty Stomach.

Method of Making Ajwain Water

  • Take 2 cups of water 
  • Add 2 Spoon Ajwain in water
  • Mix both and Boil the water around 4 minutes.
  • After boiling, Filter the ajwain From water
  • Drink water

Ajwain Side Effects

  • Ajwain helps to digest food but more amount of Ajwain Gives you Acidity problems.
  • It is known as an abortifacient. It is harmful to pregnant women.
  •  Ajwain Contains Thymol. More quantity Thymol cause of Vomiting, nausea diseases.
  • More Quantity if ajwain directly consumed with water is harmful to your heart and Increases heartbeat rate.
Ajwain Benefits
Ajwain Benefits

Ajwain Benefits

Improve Digestive Health

It helps to give relief from Indigestion and acidity. Its enzymes help to release of gastric juices, thus improving the digestive functions. You can mix 1 Teaspoon ajwain and 1 Teaspoon jeera and half teaspoon, Ginger. Add some warm water in this and drink. This formula helps to relieve from Digestive problems.

Relief from ear Problems and Toothache

Ajwain Oil helps to improve listing power, Just use 2 drops of Oil in ear. Mix ajwain oil and salt and Garge with water. It gives relief from the toothache problem.

Help in Cold and Cough

Ajwain helps to clear nasal blockage. Take Ajwain powder with warm water, It helps in cold and cough diseases. It also helps in dealing with asthma and bronchitis.

Helps in Weight Loss

If you want to lose your weight then you can take Ajwain with warm water in the early morning. It helps to increase metabolism in the body. Regular intake of ajwain helps to regulate obesity.

Reduce the Greying Of Hair

Ajwain helps to improve the greying hair problem. Cook curry leaves + dry grapes + ajwain in a cup of water and drinks the mixture to prevent pre maturation of hairs.

Help in Arthritis Pain

It contains anesthetic properties that give relief from pain and swelling. Apply the ajwain paste in Pain.

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