Check this Top 10 Winter Superfoods to Build Immunity

Immunity health is most important if you want to stay healthy. Immunity helps to protect your body from diseases. During the season changed the possibility of diseases is high. You should take care of your body to live healthy.

You can add some superfoods that help to warm up your body. These winter superfoods are healthy and useful in winter. Your body needs some essential nutrients to live healthily, Foods help to recover your daily requirements.

Winter Superfoods for Immune System

Winter superfoods
Winter Superfoods


It contains vitamin B which promotes muscle gain and boost hair growth. You can eat it by making its ladoo, bhakri, kichdi, etc.


Gond is best for bones, improves digestion, and also improves sex drive. You can ear it as ladoo, gond paani, roast in ghee.

Green Vegetables

Take green vegetables like palak, methi, mint, and garlic. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce burning in hands and feet.

Root vegetables

Take root vegetables like kand, potato, carrot, etc. It improves digestion, aids weight loss, prebiotic. You can make its meal, and dishes like undhiyo. Otherwise, roast it and eaten with salt and chilli powder.

Winter Fruits

Take winter fruits like apple, chikoo, pineapple, etc. It is rich in micronutrients and fibre which helps with the hydration of the skin.


Peanut is the healthiest food. It is rich in Amino acid, vitamin B, Polyphenols, and also good for the heart. You can roast it, make its chutney, eat its peanut butter.

Til or Sesam Seeds

It is rich in vitamin E, fatty acids. Both are good for bones, skin, and hair. You can eat it as chiki, ladoo, chutney.

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