Do You Know this Health Tips to Manage Diabetes

Nowadays, Diabetes is a common disease. Most people phasing diabetic problem. It happens when your blood sugar level is not under control. It also happens when your healthy lifestyle going on to the bad track. You should also give focus on your daily diet.

5 Simple Steps of Diabetes Management

manage diabetes
Diabetes Management

Diabetes Diet

Diet is important if you want to stay healthy and fit. Always remember the correct time of eating while keeping blood sugar steady. Add some carbohydrate diet because it is essential for diabetics. Always keep the distance from the refined variety like cookies, biscuits, muffins etc. Also add some Ghee, nuts, and seeds to your meal.


You should add protein to your diet because it helps to increase insulin sensitivity. Eat some rice, dal, dahi, egg, roti, kadhi, khichdi.

Exercise Daily

Exercise is always helpful to keep a healthy body. You should perform 1-2 hours/ daily of exercise. If you can do strength training then its beneficial to increasing insulin sensitivity and allows glucose to get around the body better.

Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the favourites and recovers part of our daily routine. It is why good and better sleep is important. Lack of sleep and irregular sleep affect the natural, biological process like secretion of insulin. Make sure you get a good sleep in time.

Improve your Lifestyle

Most of the diseases caused by eating unhealthy food and not in eating time. You should give focus on improving your lifestyle. You can make a healthy routine of your daily lifestyle like eating in the right time, exercise time etc.

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