You Should this 6 Natural Immunity Boosting Foods

Immunity is most important for everyone because it helps to protect your body from diseases. Its boosting is important mainly when the season is changing.

You can consume some special foods that keep your immunity health and protects you from cold and flu type diseases.

I describe some foods in this article that can boost your immunity and that are easily available. These is commonly used foods. Natural Boosting with these foods.

Top 6 Foods for Immunity Boost

Immunity Boosting Foods
Immunity Boost Foods


All Citrus foods are high in vitamin C which boosts your immunity. Lemon is also citrus food which keeps the common cold away. You can also say it ‘antifungal and antiseptic’. Drink lemon tea and lemon juice.

Black Pepper

You can also say it ‘Kaali Mirch‘. It available in your kitchen, I have also because my mom use it in foods. You can use it to your daily food. Black pepper is high in vitamin C which is good for boosting your immunity and also helps to keep away toxins.


Garlic is best to treat cold and cough. It is like an immunity supplement. You can take a garlic slice with an empty stomach every morning. It helps to fight germs.


Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve chest congestion, cold, cough, and also helps to your immunity system.

You can make its tea and drink daily in the morning. When you feel some cold and cough then take some ginger with honey.


Honey gives many health benefits. It contains pollen and hydrogen peroxide which make it popular. You can drink honey with warm water, it helps to weight loss. Also, take honey with ginger for cough and cold.


It has antifungal and antibacterial properties. turmeric helps to make a natural defense against diseases. You can add it to your milk and take it before sleeping at night.

You can make you healthy with your immunity-

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat nutrition foods
  • Sleep Properly.
  • Take Balance Diet

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